Day in Seattle

On the 24th of July, neither of our families were doing anything, and we both had work off. Since the 24th of July is only a Utah holiday, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our flight benefits! We decided that Seattle is a fun place to visit for the afternoon, and neither of us had been there. Seattle is also really easy to get around, at least getting to the main sites. We decided not to go all the way out to the Space Needle are this trip, it would've taken an extra 2 hours there and back and an extra 16 bucks. Yeesh! We took the train from the airport as far as it would go, which took you to the heart of downtown. We went right past the Seattle Sounders stadium, Seahawks stadium, and the Mariners Stadium. Our main goal was to see Pike's Place Market and to go to the ocean. There is something about the ocean that is so therapeutic.  The salty air, the sound, everything. 
We were lucky to be in Seattle on a perfectly sunny day, the temperature was in the 70s and the sky was the perfect blue.
Pike's Place is home to the first ever Starbucks, as well as lots of yummy seaside restaurants, farmer's market, lots of fresh fish, fruit, flowers, you name it. ALSO where Sean and Catherine went on their hometown date hehe.. We got to see them throwing fish, and then we watched them cut up giant fish as we ate fish and chips. Then we walked down to the pier and watched the ocean for a bit before heading back to the airport. Such a fun, quick getaway! Oh, and traveling just became a lot nicer now that we can wait in the Sky Club when we don't make it on flights :)


  1. These pictures bring back some good memories :)

  2. Hema looks SO cute in the bottom couple of pictures!