See You in 18

I started this off with pics of our soccer team because all the sibs got to play together at our last game just a week before Hevynn left! Hevynn blew off a date going skydiving just so she could be there. I don't know why.. but it shows where her priorities were before she left! To spend every moment with loved ones. The weeks leading up to her farewell were very busy and emotional. We had multiple family events and lots of parties and good times. Very dear moments we'll keep close to our hearts! 
The day of dropping her off at the MTC was such a good one. We woke up and had a fancy breakfast with the grandparents, did some last minute things, did some waxing (haha) and drove together to Provo. Lots of hugs and kisses and pictures and one last see you later. She was just beaming to be there. We know she'll do great and her life is changing for the better. Love and miss you Heimuli Shimai!! After we drowned our sorrows in some shave ice from Hokulia, thanks Grams!!
Enjoy the cute video we made the night before, just before she was set apart :)


  1. That shaved ice looks good. And I'm pretty sure that I saw Hevynn in the choir in the general relief society broadcast!

  2. I showed the cup song to L and H and right at then end when Hema is putting down his guitar, L says, "I think he wants to polish it." Huh? Where'd she come up with that? ;)