Dirty Dash

It lived up to the hype. Do it!

Why are marathons so pricey? Amanda (one of my besties and old work out buddy) and me decided to do a fun marathon this year and decided on this one. In order to get best deal possible, you have to buy tickets months in advance. I think we bought them in March and the race wasn't til September. So when it came time for the race, I think we remembered the day before. Hema's ankle was still recovering from hurting it playing soccer, and Amanda was newly prego. We were going to go with her and Kyle (our summer tennis buds) but Kyle had to work. I kept wondering if we were even going to run, or if we should try to sell our slots. But we pulled it together last minute and decided we'd take the race really easy since we were a bunch of sickies. 
Dirty Dash is done in Midway which I think is one of the most beautiful places in Utah. There were lots of vendors giving out free food like Clif bars and fresh local peaches. The race was a blast and everyone there is just having a ball. Everyone helps each other out and becomes instant friends!

Thanks for running with us Amanda and Kenna!

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