Oahu 13

I'm really good at photo dumps. But I like pictures.
In September we went to Hawaii for a short trip. We packed most of our galavanting into one day. Sunday we spent the day with family laughing and hanging out. We love the Soliai-Laumatia family! Monday Auntie Kookie let us borrow her car for the day after we dropped her off to work and the kids off at school. We headed straight for the north shore and played all day in paradise! 
First we jumped the rock at Waimea where we spotted turtles. I almost jumped right onto one! Then we headed to Shark's Cove and did some snorkeling. Got some lunch at L&L's where Hema got his all time favorite Chicken Katsu!! Cruised up and down Kamehameha Highway and ran some errands in Laie and Ha'aula. Found the most wonderful swing ever on the beach, visited Kim Taylor Reece's studio, and took a nap at Hukilau. Ended our day sharing an acai bowl at Haleiwa beach watching paddle boarders, catching sand crabs and watching the sun start to set.
Next day Auntie Kookie took us to breakfast with some of the cousins. We stayed in Honolulu and went to Waikiki beach and Ala Moana beach park. Relaxed in the warm sun and played in the water and sand. We went home early to pick up the kids and take them to the Botanical Gardens. When we got there they were closed and they weren't supposed to be for another 30 minutes. I spotted a guard and asked him why they were closed and he said they closed early because of the rain. It rains every day in Hawaii. Lame. So we went to the park and climbed trees and got treats and Kilani bakery! Ate saimin, ate malasadas, it was a good day. Later that night the cousins took us to the airport and then came back and midnight when we didn't make the flight. Then took us back at 6 am.. They spoiled us.
Thanks for the awesome time Auntie Kookie! You are so giving. We love all our family in Hawaii!

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  1. I am literally turning green with envy! :) You are so pretty, Norma!