Birthday Boy

The week before Hema's birthday, he got to meet up with the captain of RSL to hand deliver C4 Dzynz t shirts that he ordered! Dream come true for Hema! Now him and Kyle Beckerman are best buddies ;)
On Hema's birthday, there was an RSL game. So of course that's what he wanted to do for his birthday!! 
We waited til everyone was gone before we left the stadium. On the way out, we found an unopened, cold orange soda just waiting for us! Hema was so excited. He still talks about his "curb soda" :) (we did drink it)
Hema and his cousin Sifa share a birthday, and that Sunday we celebrated with everyone!
Close to the time of his birthday he played two shows. One, his band opened for a couple of reggae bands from California. The other, Hema played in a different band called New City Skyline. NCS opened for Switchfoot! That was a neat experience :) Oh and isn't our friend's baby just the cutest?! 

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  1. yay updates! I love these :) all of that is so cool! - Heather :)