A Very Special Valentine

When Hema served his mission in Ecuador, there was a man who he found on the side of the road named Jose that agreed to hear his message.  Jose was awesome! He was so interested in the church, and he wanted to get baptized! But at the time, he didn't have the support he needed from his family. Hema was heartbroken that things did not work out. Years later, in 2011, this same guy contacted Hema on Facebook and told him he was able to get baptized! We were so lucky to meet up with his family when we went to Ecuador in June of 2011. 
At the end of 2013, Hema got an email from Jose's daughter, Meily, inviting Hema to her wedding! Hema wanted to go but wasn't sure if he'd be able to go to Ecuador at the time of the wedding. Then she informed him she was getting married in the Bountiful temple! Whaaat?? We were so excited! 
Meily moved to Utah just a week before the wedding and they got married on Valentine's day. Meily's family was not able to come to the wedding, so Hema got to be the witness at the ceremony.
Meily was baptized a little while after her dad was, and the missionary who baptized her was also at the ceremony! Such an incredible experience.
Skyping with Meily's dad, Jose after the ceremony!
The rest of our Valentine's day was great. Hema got me flowers and was real sweet, and we got to have a delicious Valentine's dinner with the Heimuli's!

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