Seoul Temples

 Hallelujah we made it to the temple! Our first morning we walked to the temple from our yucky hostel and immediately felt at peace. The Seoul, South Korea temple is smack dab in the middle of the city, at the top of a steep street. The really cool thing about LDS temples outside the Unites States is that a lot of them have guest housing for members who travel far to come and see them. We were so lucky to be able to stay in the guest housing at this beautiful place!! Worlds of a difference from where we stayed the night before. It was fun to talk with the sweet, wonderful temple workers and to see so many missionaries!

 This is the view from our window at night. So dreamy!

 We got to meet up with an old friend of Hema's who happened to be in Korea at the same time we were! Mike and his beautiful wife Amy and daughter Leah. Mike and Amy met while Mike was in Korea on a work trip. They fell in love and she moved to the states and they got married! Now they have a beautiful daughter who had just had her first birthday! They were in Korea to have a huge celebration with Amy's family for Leah's birthday. We went to dinner and Amy ordered a huge pot of Beef Bulgolgi- delicious! Then we walked around the streets a bit and got some yummy Korean style ice cream. So fun to see them!!
We also went to the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple on Buddha's birthday! They do a lantern festival and all sorts of dancing and other neat cultural stuff. There were hundreds and hundreds of lanterns and probably thousands of people there. Very cool to see! There were long lines everywhere but we didn't know where they led and why stand in one for a couple hours. So we just walked around a bit and people watched. It was beautiful!

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