Tubing 2014!
We actually took 2 separate trips but I guess I don't have pics from the second time? Or I can't find them...

We went up to the Weber river to tube with some good friends! The first time was such a blast. We had a little inflatable boat with a cooler of food and drinks and several small tubes. We were all so excited to be there and were surprised at how fast and unpredictable the currant was. But this summer was a summer full of wildfires. As we were tubing, there were fires all around us, haha! We were so interested in watching the helicopters dip these bags they had hanging from them into the lakes and then fly over to the mountain to dump the water on the fire. We got to a point where there was a bridge with a cop underneath making everyone get out of the river and go home. Well, we had carefully parked one car at the beginning of our journey and one at the end. The cop got us out right in the middle! Well everyone else tubing the river was having the same dilemma obviously! It was nice to see everyone work together to make sure all the stranded tubers got back to their vehicles. A couple of the guys we were with hitchhiked to one of the cars and we also picked up some hitchhikers on our way out. We were so bummed that our tubing adventure was cut short when we were having so much fun, we decided to go again.

Second trip!
We had so much fun the first time that we decided to do the even longer tubing excursion! Funny thing is when we got to that same bridge where we were kicked out the first time, we had a crazy mishap with our little boat and it popped! We all got out by that bridge because this time we had 2 people in the boat. So now two people tubeless! Hema and Ben said they would go buy some more tubes because they didn't want to cut our trip short again! So we waited about an hour till they finally came back. Keep in mind they had to hitchhike again, haha. Well I guess when they were driving back, they saw a family on the side of the road with crying kids and their little boat out of the water. I guess they had fallen in and it really scared their kids. So Hema and Ben loaded this family of 5 into their car along with all their life vests and boat and drove them to their car. When they finally got back to us, we jumped back into the river and kept going! Well, we weren't very prepared for what came next. The tubing trip got kinda scary! There were a lot of unexpected obstacles haha. There was  a beaver damn blocking off half the route and a couple of us got stuck in the currant and couldn't get around it and fell behind the group. There were a lot of big rocks that had to be dodged, and at one point there was a waterfall with a good 3-5 foot drop! We saw it ahead and we all panicked a little haha! Some of us got bruises and scraped from that drop but we all survived ha. After that we were kinda getting worried about where we were and if we missed our stop where we had left the car! It felt like we had been riding the river for hours and hours. At one point we saw a guy standing by the river and we asked how far it was to our stop or if we missed it and he said we still had about another hour. AHH! We were so done by then. Especially with our hour delay. Even though it turned out to be an exhausting trip that we didn't plan very well for, lots of good memories were made!!!

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