I was pregnant once

I am so far behind on this blog that it would take ages to catch up and post all that I would want to document. So I will just post vids and bits from my pregnancy with Hendrix and his first year within a few posts. I'm too lazy to organize these pics in the chronological order..
We were over the moon the see the positive pregnancy test! We took 3 just to be sure ;)
One of the many, many meals Hema made for me while I was sick. Right at 6 weeks, the sickness kicked in! It was horrible. I threw up multiple times a day. I would have to sneak away at work to the bathroom on the third floor to throw up in secret. I had lots of food aversions. My biggest one was pizza. I didn't like meat either, but I could eat it if it was masked with lots of carbs. I also hated sweets! I wish I could still say that I hate them haha. When I was 10 weeks, I got the flu. I was so miserable and felt like dying. If i didn't already throw up enough! Then my flu turned into a head cold and that was bad too. When I would have coughing fits, it would make me gag and sometimes throw up. So fun. 
I add in these Halloween pictures because we had just found out I was pregnant just a few days before. I remember being so self conscious and worried that someone would be able to tell I was pregnant. Now I think that is so silly haha. I felt like I was walking around with the biggest secret! 
coworkers as old people
3D ultrasound- I think I was about 28-32 weeks? I went in for an appointment and my stomach had not grown. So the doctor sent me in for an ultrasound with a specialist to make sure he was growing properly. Everything was great!
Super awkward add that my work did. This pic was an add on KSL and we had another pic that was the background of the website, all the ATMs, banners, and even one billboard. So embarrassing.
Sweet Houston left for his mission just 3 weeks before Hendrix arrived.  I wasn't able to go with them to the MTC so we stayed the night so I could say goodbye before he left. After this pic I told him he better take a shower because he stunk.
My weird belly button that was almost an outie. I am grateful that I documented a lot of my pregnancy in depth in my journal.
My work had bets going for the arrival. Nobody came close! 
Nesting! I made the blanket, stuffed animal, paintings on the wall, and the mobile. As soon as Hendrix learned to grab, that mobile was destroyed. I love love this crib that was a handy down from my sister.
from my ward!! bag is full of wipes!! We were so blessed and received so many diapers, we never bought a single diaper til hendrix was 9 or 10 months.
I was lucky to have a lot of showers! One on Hema's side, one on my side, one at work, and one for my friends. We are so so blessed that we had so many people excited for us and so supportive and generous. We couldn't have survived without all the thoughtful gifts and meals that were made for us after he came.
onesie-sock cupcakes

Street tacos and homemade horchata! My cousin Heather and my mom and sister threw me a shower. My cousin planned everything all the way from Ohio and she is just so amazing! My sisters and mother-in-law threw me an adorable shower- I can't find most of the pics! It was wonderful.
The grandmas-to-be! They are the best grandmas Hendrix could ever have!!!
I had some cravings but I was pretty determined to not give in to every craving-unless it was a healthy one! Every once in a while I would indulge in one of the bad ones. I craved beets and cottage cheese once- it was horrible, never again. I craved sour gummy worms, pringles, raw zucchini, GRAPE JUICE, FISH!! My father-in-law was so sweet to make salmon just for me on multiple occasions while I was pregnant. He makes THE BEST salmon in the world!! I was terrible at cooking while I was pregnant. I hated handling raw meat, and smelling anything cooking just made me sick. Didn't matter what it was. I just hated any smells that lingered. So cooking with a crockpot was not an option. Coming home to a house smelling of anything just was terrible! So we pretty much ate cereal and toaster waffles and anything Hema would cook for most of my pregnancy. Sorry babe! I had a lot of back pain from early on and lots of digestive problems. I would get cramps in my hands, feet and legs, and started gets frequent Braxton hicks at about 24 weeks, but once I discovered magnesium all of that got so so much better.
But even though I wasn't one of those lucky woman who don't feel any different when they're pregnant, I still loved it. I loved feeling him move, and having such a great sense of purpose. I loved having a person growing inside me and feeling the responsibility for him and an early connection to him! I wouldn't trade it for anything. Although it was hard, I can't wait to experience it all again!

Thank you to all those who have supported us through gifts, excitement, well wishes, prayers, service, and love. You have no idea how much it means to us!! I do not know how to express how grateful we are and feel like I could never repay all the kindness! Thank you thank you thank you!!

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  1. Ah this post was so sweet! I didn't know you took the test three times! Haha I love that!