Idaho 2016

In September we flew up to Idaho falls to see our sweet friends, the Larsons. Tyler and Cortney and their two kiddos are just the best little family. They really showed us such a fun time and we always really enjoy and cherish our time with them. Tyler was Hema's trainer on his mission and has since been such a good, loyal friend. We just spent a quick weekend up there. We got there and Cortney made us a wonderful BBQ and we enjoyed talking and watching the kids play. The next day we went to the mountains where Tyler taught us how to flyfish. We snacked and played in the grass and the water. Later we went to see the Mesa waterfalls and then to a little spot where you can feed these gigantic fish that leap out of the water. We stopped at a cute little mom and pop drive in diner on the way home and then just relaxed at home! Honestly, my favorite part about traveling and visiting family and friends is being able to be invited into their home and just see a little bit of their lives close up. I love seeing the way other families live and interact, even if its just a tiny portion. That night we had lots of laughs playing on the trampoline outside, throwing balls at each other, and everyone just about died when I almost fell over the fence and my feet were flailing in the air haha. Good memories!

Hendrix literally fell asleep right as we were landing, both ways. haha.

Chasing the geese by the Idaho Falls temple before we went to the airport.

What a dreamy location for a beautiful building!

This was at a fun little visitors center by the Mesa Falls. We were able to look out and watch birds on their nests and see the kinds of bugs and animals that live there.

Our cute little crew hanging out by the river!

Our first time flyfishing! Tyler brought these cool pants and boots for us so we could be legit!

My cute boy loves being outside and it makes me so happy!

Hendrix had fun pushing Griffin around the campground haha.

The best view. Any view with my two boys in it is the best view :)

Cort and Kenzie. Little Kenzie is so smart and so funny. She always calls her parents Ty and Cort.

View of the Larsons!!!

We had such a fun time in Idaho with these wonderful people. We are so lucky to have friends like these who are so fun to be with and such good examples.

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  1. It's crazy you can make even fishing pants look cute!