St George 2016

Over the 24th of July weekend we went to St George with our friends Nikki and Logan Webster. They have a family house down there that they were so nice to invite us to stay in with them! It was such a fun getaway even though we went on one of the hottest weekends! We spent a lot of time outdoors (always early in the day). We went on two hikes- one to Red Rock Canyon with the Websters and one after parting with them to Kanaraville Falls. We also got to spend a lot of time with the Murray and Knox families. They let us come and swim with them, we went to the Washington City parade, and watched their firework show on the 24th. 
Had to stop at the free petting zoo in Scipio. The little goats were so much fun! One of the goats kept nibbling on baby's toes and he loved it. Hendrix slapped all the goats and at this time he still said woof woof for every animal and couldn't stop saying it haha. They also had a camel and a Zonkey- zebra donkey. Lots of birds and rabbits. That place has gotten so much cooler since last time we went almost 5 years ago.

There were lots of sections on the Kanaraville hike where you have to go through the streams, it was so fun and really helped us to cool off! Bad part was having all the extra water in your shoes that wouldn't quite drain out haha. Oh and the blisters...

We didn't dare take Hendrix up these slippery metal stairs so we just took turns going up and checking it out. This was definitely the longest hike we've been on, I think it was 4 or 5 miles? Wasn't super easy carrying a heavy baby the whole way- quite a work out! But we love doing things outdoors with our family and it's something we want to continue to do through our children's childhoods.  Neither of us really grew up doing these sorts of things with our families so we hope to do it for our kiddos and hopefully instill in them a sense of adventure and desire to be outside.

Dark pic but everyone was waiting for me to grab the rope and swing around the side of this rock. I was like-mmmm no thanks. I didn't dare try to do that with a heavy, kicking baby strapped to me, I didn't want us to fall! Sorry I ruined the hike everyone... But this little body of water was really cool, it was full of hundreds of tadpoles!

Southern Utah is seriously so beautiful! There is still so much we need to explore! I still have never been to Zions, but hopefully we'll go in the near future!

Baby's first sparkler! He loved watching fireworks this year!

Tai drove us around the neighborhood on their little golf cart and we went Pokemon hunting! We stopped by an adorable farm so Hendrix could see the horses. I love St George, I would love to live there. I'm sick of the cold haha.

The Websters and their adorable little boy, Grayson! Its so fun that our boys are so close in age.

Nikki and I went to see Peter Pan at Tuacahn! The boys stayed home together while we went out. It was 100 degrees out there, even after the sun set, haha. It was my first time going to see a show there and it was a lot of fun. The canyon is beautiful and it was neat seeing the bats fly around during the show. After the show was over they did a big firework show! I don't know if they normally do that but it was my favorite part haha.

Stopped by the temple and walked around it. I really love this temple, its so beautiful.

Swimming at the Knox's!

Parade with the whole group! After the parade they had a fun little carnival. All the kids had races based on their age groups. Hendrix just stood there haha. But I think little Finley won in her age group! There was also mini horses which Hendrix was TERRIFIED of! I don't understand why since he normally loves animals.

Thank you to the Websters and Murrays for hanging out with us and being such dear friends!

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  1. The st. George temple is so pretty. Also, that is the coolest pool! I love st George so much!