Fall 2016

Just a few highlights from Fall of 2016! Always trying to stay busy creating fun experiences and memories for our family!!

This little boy looooves water. Sometimes I let him take hour long baths.. and he's just so dang cute!

Pania's 50th birthday celebration! We all met up and had a fancy dinner! Hema was working but they were nice to let me tag along anyway! We all had to wear all black. It was so fun and a very special occasion to get to celebrate a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother, friend, sister and daughter!

Her favorite presents obviously!

We had a very long night and poor boy knocked out while he was climbing up onto the chair. This is the only time he's fallen asleep like that, so cute!

Went out with the extended family for a special occasion and Hendrix insisted on eating his cone upside down!

Can you tell who my parents voted for in this last election? LOLOLOLOLOL #5signs

Playing at the park with my boys was so fun this summer and fall. Hendrix just loves playing outside and getting dirty and crazy.

Went to a few houses to trick or treat and Hendrix was too busy eating a sucker in both hands haha.

Aladdin, Jasmine and Apu for Halloween! Hendrix is our little monkey so it's fitting.

At work we dressed as Mario Kart! I was Wario haha. Cuz he's the funniest one.

Biggest treat was having my boys come visit me at work! All the departments in my building have candy and the kids are invited to go around the building to trick or treat. It's perfect for little kids who get tired fast and can't really walk door to door around the neighborhood. He loved trick or treating and picking out all the candies.

We got to go to BYUs homecoming game this year because Hema's dad got to run the Alumni flag across the field. It was so much fun, we got sideline passes and got really great seats. Such a fun experience with Hema's family!

Hema's dad also spoke before the game at the Cougar Club!

Baby was sooooo tired!

We got to go to a fun little pumpkin patch for this little family night activity we got invited to. They had a corn maze and big slides and sling shots, we had a blast.

Took family pictures and Hendrix got his little prize afterwards haha.

Oh and we moved!

Date night at Nelson's!!

My cutie bums.

Super awesome parenting moment.

Visiting Spencer on his birthday!

Zoo day with our friends and their boys! These dads are so cool.


  1. You make a pretty legit Wario. I never saw all of Mom and Dad's signs - thats hilarious! Looks like you manage to keep busy!

  2. Haha I second what John said, the signs were so funny and cute! And you guys are the cutest family!