Ohio 2016

Ohio was so much fun! It was my first trip traveling alone with a baby. It was very interesting haha! Very challenging at times but overall things went pretty smoothly. Hema walked us all the way to our gate and Hendrix was sleeping in his arms. He kissed us goodbye and watched us take off. He missed us so much haha. I thought I was getting lucky walking onto the plane with a sleeping baby but he woke up before take off. Flying standby with a lap child, I got stuck in a middle seat between two men who were sipping verrry slowly on their alcoholic drinks and typing on their laptops. It was pretty difficult to keep my wiggling boy from knocking their drinks over, touching and taking all their stuff. But both men were patient and kind to Hendrix and were very understanding. We survived!

The purpose of our trip was to visit my very best friend and cousin Heather and her family! Heather was so kind to cancel all her plans that day so she could come pick us up from the airport. It was so much fun to just be with Heather, it really is therapeutic for me to be able to be with a close family member and friend. Heather cooked me gourmet meals, put me up in a nice room, and took me to do all sorts of fun things. But my favorite part of all was just being with her and talking with her and sharing her life for a short time.

First night there we had a hair night! Jeff was so nice to stay up and help watch and play with Hendrix who wasn't sleeping. Hendrix would cry every time Jeff walked away from him.

The Toone's took us to the most beautiful pumpkin patch in Michigan. It was the most clean, well kept piece of land that I've ever seen! Everything was trimmed perfectly and they had the most adorable displays and games for the kids.

The most interesting thing about this pumpkin patch were all the religious references! I've never seen anything like it, it was so fun. Afterwards we got some delicious, warm doughnuts from the little country store.

Jeff was also so nice and patient and took lots of pictures for us!

Driving through Ohio and Michigan is one of my favorites. It is so so pretty!! And so is this chica!

The cutest little kiddies!

Hendrix could not stop kissing this sweet baby! She is so patient and sweet.

Love these beautiful girls!!

Later that day, Jeff took the girls while we took a beautiful, scenic drive to old town Grand Rapids Ohio. I have never seen so many beautiful homes and such beautiful property! There's also a river that runs through the city and lots of adorable buildings and cute little shops. We walked around main street and explored all the little shops and just enjoyed our time!

Because she's adorable. And beautiful. And so kind.

After we went to a fun dinner together and Heather took me to this really yummy place! That night we talked, watched a movie, talked, talked, talked. It was so fun.

Always cherish my time with Heather! She is such a good friend to me and an even better example to me. Thanks Heather, your my bestest friend and your friendship and kindness mean the world to me! I know you'll see this cuz you're the only one who reads this blog haha!! Love your guts!!

Flying home was crazy! It was a long day and we got bumped from a lot of flights but there were so many people who showed us lots of kindness and helped me out! Waiting at one of the gates, the desk agent brought out snacks for me and Hendrix cuz she knew we had been waiting a long time. A man in McDonalds helped me by carrying the high chair and getting napkins for us. A cute young couple tried to give us their seats so we could get on the flight. And lots of other sweet tender mercies that made my day easier. We got on the last flight of the day and made it home safely and Hema was at the gate waiting and it all worked out just fine! Good to be home again but I wish I could just live in the same neighborhood as Heather! I could live anywhere in the world if Heather was close by!!

On the flight home Hendrix fell asleep flossing his teeth. It was hilarious!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. HOW AM I JUST READING THIS?!?!?!?!?!? This was the sweetest post ever. That was a magical weekend. I seriously don't think anyone has ever made such an effort of love and kindness for me. And you gifted my hair for free, that was amazing. Which by the way it has faded so pretty!!! I feel the same way toward you. I cried when you left! You are my best friend and you know me better than anyone. You just serve me and serve me, I feel like I can ever repay you back! That made such a big difference in my life that you came during that period of time too. I was seriously feeling so lonely. Norma, you are the best. This post meant so much to me. Thank you. Love you!