14 Months Along!

HAHA! Did I trick anybody?? Probably not. Because babies are born in 9 months, not 14.
Anyway, yesterday was our 14 monthiversary. We're not really that strange, but we like to come up with excuses to do fun things. Hema has a friend at work who's a pilot and has his own little plane at a mini airport in Woods Cross, right across the street from Hema's parent's neighborhood! So he took us on like an hour and a half plane ride over some of Utah. It's was SO COOL! We were going to do this for Valentines, but neither of us got paid til after Valentines. So we used our 14 monthiversary as an excuse..
When we were driving up, the skies were so nice and clear and the sun was coming out. But by the time we got into the airplane and were ready to go, the clouds were pretty bad. We were going to fly over Park City and around that area, but it was too cloudy. So we headed toward the Great Salt Lake and Brigham City. It was so beautiful. The mountains and the lake were breath taking.

Look at that skill
 It was so cool! My face was stuck against the window the whole time, just in awe. The pilot was a pretty cool guy, he let Hema drive the plane for at least a good 15 minutes! It was a little scary... But Hema loved it! He did a really good job! After we got home, he couldn't stop jumping up and down, he was so excited! At one point in the flight, the pilot turned off the engine. It freaked me out, because you'd think you'd die if that happened. But the plane just kept floating! It was so cool.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone. It's affordable, and amazing. I want to go again, but next time in the summer, at night. Oh that'd be so cool. Well, over and out.


  1. That looks so fun! What an awesome experience! Although, I think I would have peed my pants if the pilot turned off the engine. :)

  2. Those are some cool pictures Norma!!!! That would be so much fun!

  3. I was fooled. 14 WEEKS along is a reasonable time to tell people, but I guess you said months. Jerk. Anyway, when you say "affordable" what do you mean?

  4. I mean that we only had to pay for the plane's gas, which was like 40 bucks. So, it's definitely more than going to the movies, but it's a cool experience and well worth it.