St George and Petting Zoo

This past weekend we went to St George for our cousin Tai's wedding. The weather was so nice, and the wedding was beautiful. They had a very fancy reception and it was full of excitement. They had lots of dancing and fun stuff like that. Hema was a groomsmen and he played a couple songs at the reception. The most silly part of the trip was the Tuxedo.  First, we were worried about paying for it, then we were worried about how and when we were going to pick it up, (it was in Provo). Then we thought everything was resolved when Hema's grandpa called and said that he paid for it and that the bride's brother already picked it up on his way to St. George. Turns out he didn't, and we found that out when we had already been driving for 4 hours. But good thing they had everyone's ties down there. We had to go buy Hema some suit pants at Walmart as soon as we got there, and Hema had to borrow some random guy's suit coat for all the pictures. He blended right in! So it worked out:)
The dancing
Our cute Grandparents

Bride and Groom:)..and Harrison
Delicious food and drinks!
Tahitian Dancing
When we drove home Sunday afternoon, we stopped in Scipio for gas, and there was an awesome petting zoo there!! They had a baby ZEBRA!! Emus, llamas, bunnies, peacocks, goats, ponies, and more all in the same pen. They acted like family. It was adorable.

It was so windy and cold! But we had to at least TRY get a good pic with the cute zebra!
I'm a little bit terrified of horses and animals with large heads and teeth... And THIS is WHY!!!!!

 He's biting me! 
And that's why. They always bite me.


  1. hahaha! That so funny to me that it is biting you! I can totally imagine it happening! I like the picture of the family of animals.

    That wedding looked nice! I like that everyone was dancing.

  2. What a fun weekend! Looks like a really fun/pretty wedding. Ellie really, really liked looking at this post because of the zebra. You should put up pictures of zebras more often. :) Sorry you got bit though!