This week has been crazy and fun! We both took turns the past 2 weeks being sick, and I think we're about over it now. Hema has a big show coming up this coming Friday at Weber State University. If you wanna come, let me know and I'll get you the information!

Thursday my work gave everyone free Jazz tickets. So Hema and I went to the Jazz game with all my work peeps and their spouses and friends. It was way fun, the game was neck and neck the whole time. It was so suspenseful and the game went into overtime and then....we lost. But that's ok, it was a really really good game to watch. My favorite part was when one of the Hornets had the ball, a Jazz player came running up so the Hornet guy shoved the Jazz guy. But instead of pushing the Jazz guy away, he knocked himself over!! It was hilarious. I think Hema was more into the BYU game while we were there..

After getting lost for over an hour, 60 dollars in gas, walking for 3 miles, and 65 dollars to get a boot off of our car after we had been parked for only 5 minutes... We finally made it to the Festival of Colors and got to spend some time with some friends. Even though nothing worked out according to plan, and it ended up being a very expensive trip, we had tons of fun!

Approaching the temple... see all the dust paint stuff!!
Before we ever went in... we had been hit several times already
I honestly thought I was going to go blind at one point. Some guy threw a good handful of  purple right into my eyes, only a few inches from my face. I couldn't see for what seemed like forever! Hema was smart and wore sunglasses.
Crazy fun times.


  1. Oh my goodness I wanted to go to the Festival of Colors soooo bad.. I guess I'll just have to go next year! It looks so fun! :)
    Sorry to hear about all the expenses and stuff. That's never fun.

  2. That looks so fun! Sorry it was pricier than anticipated. Did your clothes get stained?