Holy Hermione!!

Lots of stuffs. Hema and I have both been putting in extra hours at work the past couple weeks, which is good! We're grateful for more hours. It just makes us TIRED! Hema is amazing and has been working on his music a little more lately. His show at Weber went really well, and we were happy to see some old friends there!

Another big event...HEMA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 24 baby cakes!! For his birthday, we slept in, went to IHOP, went to an awesome guitar shop, went to an awesome Tramoline Arena and dressed up like silly kids and finished the day off with some delightful Cafe Rio.

(If you like to try new things and have different adventures like we do, sign up for Groupon! They have awesome deals every day for things like water rafting, massages, and much more! That's where I got our Trampoline Arena tickets, buy one get one free!)

Conference weekend was awesome, we spent lots of time with family. We worked most the day Saturday and missed all of Saturday. We were fortunate to catch what we did on Sunday, conference is always so inspiring. Love it! We'll have to catch up on all the wonderful talks we missed!

Shocking all the weather changes!! It was so pretty outside one day, and the next, a wintery wonderland. Kinda sad because there was all these way pretty and very random flowers all over our yard and now they're all gone! But I'm grateful the snow is starting to melt.

Flower from our yard!
Snowy blossoms on my Momita's apricot tree
Sweetest man alive.


  1. Happy birthday Hema!!! Glad to hear you have been getting more hours at work! Hopefully it isn't too intensely busy though!

  2. I decided to stop getting the Groupon and Living Social emails since it just made me sad about the things I might do someday. Kylee still gets them though. I guess KSL does a daily deal too that is similar.

    Hema is so sweet!

  3. Oh Hema's birthday sounded like so much fun! Happy birthday to Hema. And I miss your mom's apricot tree!

  4. The virus word that I just had to type in was "woota" I thought that was cool.

  5. You guys are the cutest couple ever! I love all the fun stuff you do! Doesn't seem like you guys have a dull moment!