No, Mr. Landlord. NO!!!

Just needed to vent a little...
The power in our apartment has really sucked lately. If we want to vacuum or use the microwave, the power goes out. So we would turn off EVERYTHING in our apartment so that the power wouldn't pop, but about 70% of the time, it'd pop anyway. We put up with this for a long time, we totally stopped using our microwave and every other kitchen appliance except the fridge and the stove. Then I started to think, this isn't fair. If I'm paying for power and rent, I shouldn't have to cook and clean with the lights off. That's just silly! While we're sitting in the dark in the basement, Old Man Grumpy Pants upstairs is stomping around using all the power he wants! And of course he still finds things to complain about. Ridiculous.
But this past week has been SO BAD!! The power would pop about 4 or 5 times a day, when we only had like 2 lights on. And it'd go out in the middle of the night and wouldn't come back on til the next afternoon. I had to get ready for work AT work like 3 times last week because there was no power. We had to contact the landlord about 5 times before he finally came over this afternoon. He of course tried to blame us for the problem. Oh, sorry for trying to vacuum. And have one light on. Shame on us. But I'm grateful he came over and did what he could. Hopefully we won't have any more problems:) Yay for getting to use the microwave again!!

Mr. Crazy Guy upstairs really scares me sometimes. He smokes a lot outside, which is fine. But whenever we come outside or pull into the driveway, he scurries inside and hides from us. Whenever we by chance cross his path, he just acts really wierd and shifts his eyes back and forth really fast, and won't look at you straight. He'd rather leave us silly notes, or complain to the landlord if he has a problem. What the? He's at least 30 years older than us, you'd think he'd act a little more adult. We have our own garbage cans, for the upstairs and downstairs apartments. The other day we came outside, and our wierdo neighbor had spraypainted a giant 'B' on our garbage can and a giant 'A' on his. I guess it's just so we don't soil his garbage with ours on accident. I guess that's a really big deal to him. I keep having dreams that he bursts into our apartment and attacks us because our vents were crooked. And the other night when we came home, we parked on the street and as we were walking towards the house, he opened his front door and just stood there and stared until we went in our door. I couldn't really see him since it was dark, just his freaky outline. He's just one of those people who loves to find things to complain about. Good thing all our other neighbors are super super nice!!!

And my biggest annoyance of the week... My best friend's new boyfriend. Lets just say I don't approve, and will never think he's good enough for my friend. We doubled with them last week and I went into the date worried, but tried to keep an open mind. It was fun and everything was fine, besides a few little things that bugged the crap out of me. Like how he would so inconspicuously grope her under the table. Freaking loser. But then he REALLY blew it. I mean, I know every guy knows that they have to be liked by the best friend, and maybe he was just trying too hard. Maybe he was nervous. And I know he wasn't trying to offend me, but he did. He just wants so desperately to be the funny, popular, well-liked guy, that he makes stupid joke after stupid joke until something is kinda funny to other people. I'm not good at expressing my emotions, but I'm more protective over my family than you'd think. When he started making fun of my sweet, sweet, wonderful, perfect, and amazing cerebral palsy brother Spencer, that REALLY pushed me over the edge. Since I don't want to ruin my friendship, and since I'm not good with expressing myself, I just sobbed the whole way home. I'll try to love that douche bag, I really will. But it'll take some time.

Enough venting for now, I feel better:)


  1. Yeah, you should definitely complain about the power until it is working normally. That is ridiculous. Also, your neighbor sounds pretty creepy. Your friend is dating a moron. Only brain-dead teenage boys make fun of handicapped people. I mean, their brain literally doesn't work. NEXT!

  2. I know. How immature can he get? Lots of crazy and weird people in this world.

  3. Wow your power situation sounds intense. I hope you keep complaining until they fix it right! :)
    And what a creepy old man, tell him to paint his letters some place else. And tell him that you're fully aware of which garbage can is yours lol! :) I would but I don't have a lot of patience for people like that. The people upstairs from me and my husband make me soooo mad all the time. But the guy up there is abusive so my husband told me I wasn't allowed to say anything to them.. Thank goodness for my sweet husband! :)

    And that douche bag can go away now.. What an idiot. I'm so sorry. If I were there I would've said something for you.. Duh the nerve of some people. UGH. I'm really so sorry that's terrible.

  4. Just so you know I have told this story to quite a few people. Glad the electricity is better now! Also that guy sounds like a complete moron, hopefully your friend sees that too!