Maui and We

Poor, poor Maui. He got neutered last Friday and he has to wear the Cone of Shame for 10 days!!! I felt way bad dropping him off at the vet place... He kept looking at me like I was such a traitor. But he's over it now:) He's still crazy and hyper and totally himself, which was kinda surprising. He is slightly more calm, and sleeps more, which is nice. Poor thing runs into stuff all the time because he can't see. Hema likes to tease him by pretending to throw his toy and then he'll set it down right in front of him where he can't see it. Hema gets a huge kick outta that! Maui's a trooper though, he just keeps going and keeps trying his hardest!

We've been pretty busy, Hema and I went to a Guitarbeque last weekend which was really fun, we got to see some of our old friends from SLCC. Hema did really well, he's been writing some new songs lately and he performed one of them. He's adorable:) The Guitarbeques are fun, our friends do them bi-annually and they always have some cause that they support at each different event. It doesn't cost people to get in, they are just encouraged to donate to the cause. Once they did Domestic Violence Awareness and this time it was for a little girl with Autism who is trying to go to a special school in another state. They had a lot of new artists perform at this one, Hema met some that he'll probably play a show with a little later this week!

Sunday night we decided that we wanted to go to Idaho and visit our good friends Tyler and Cortney! We left Salt Lake as soon as I was off work Monday night and left late Tuesday morning and got home just in time for me to get to work! That is the first time we've used Hema's flight benefits at Delta, and it was so fun! It's nice to be able to do fun random trips.:) We had tons of fun with our friends, we love them. That was my first time ever going to Idaho!!!


  1. Poor little doggie! That's so cool you guys just flew to Idaho for a day or two. Let us know if Hema is ever performing down this-a-way! :)

  2. Hee hee... I love the cone of shame! What a cute little dog, though!