My Easter Hunnies:)

Hannah carries her basket like a purse

This year my family did an Easter Egg Hunt for all the grand babies. We have never done one with all the grand kids before, and it was so fun! My sister Millie decided to do it, and she adopted some of the traditions from her in-laws. Everyone, including the adults, was to find the egg that had their name on it. And there were plenty of other eggs filled with candy to go around. I got to help hide the eggs around the yard, and that was really fun. I loved watching all the little kids run around and have fun. They are so adorable!!

I love blogs for the pictures. So here's a bunch of pictures, showing off some of my adorable family!

 Cute Joe and Regina, and their baby Joyliana
Beautiful nieces, Madison and Katelyn
My brother John

Ryan and baby Hayley

Adorable Ellie- "Tortata"
Garrett was SO excited to win the peeps!

 Hema and I had a lot of fun. Saturday night we had an egg coloring picnic and watched some movies. I was silly and hid them the next morning for Hema to find. We haven't really started doing our own holiday traditions yet, we probably won't start til we have kids. We love spending the holidays with our families!!
Happy Easter!!


  1. Thanks for the updates! Love the Pictures.

  2. We didn't do anything either for Easter for ourselves, but keep spending holidays with the fam-- it's fun though I like it that way for now :)That first picture of hannah looks so much like you when you were little!

  3. Ellie LOVES this post! What great pictures and a fun evening! Thanks for sharing your crazy photo skills!