No, I'm Not Lucky, I'm Blessed. Yes.

Words so skillfully spoken by one of our favorite artists, Nicki Minaj. Don't hate! You have no idea how many times a week I hear people tell me how lucky I am to have a husband like Hema. I know, I seriously am so lucky! But in reality, I'm not lucky...I'm blessed. He is so wonderful, and so amazingly perfect for me. I couldn't ask for a better man. 
During my studying and searching for the answer if Hema was the man I was to marry, I always felt like my praying and searching was pointless. My answer just kept coming over and over, a loud "DUH!!" Meeting him and dating him was laid out so perfectly for me. But I just kept studying and praying for my own comfort I guess. And it was definitely comforting that I kept having the same happy feeling, and the answer "yes" over and over again. 
As I was searching and studying, I stumbled across an old journal entry of mine, which is strange because I probably wrote in my journal a total of 3 times during high school. The entry was a big part of my answer. It talked about my dad a lot, and how much I respect him and want a husband who is as good as he is to my mom. It also talked about how I kept having a strange feeling that I would be married young, and how I needed to start preparing myself. WEIRD! At the end of the entry, I wrote a list of things that I wanted in a future husband. After reading that list, I realized that Hema was everything in that list + a billion times better than everything in that list. He's more than I could've dreamed I'd be lucky enough to get! (I mean blessed..)
People often ask us if we've had our first fight yet. I mean, we've definitely argued and bickered about silly things, no marriage is perfect. But we never FIGHT. I'm so grateful for that, and I'm so grateful for my husband's willingness to help me and to get along. I am definitely a better person with him. The reason I think our marriage works, is we always try our hardest to make each other happy, and it always works!! Hema does so much for me, I don't think I could ever treat him as good as he treats me. But I'll keep trying! 
At work, at school, at play, people around me say- I wish my husband would clean the whole house several times a week, or at least once a year! Or-You're so lucky your husband calls you at work just to say hi and brings you lunch! Or-I wish my husband/boyfriend would write songs about me! And much more. 
I love that man, words can't describe all the amazing things he is. Nor can they describe how much I love him.
My whole life, my siblings have called me spoiled. Which is expected to hear when you are the youngest (and the favorite ;)) and I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that I still am spoiled!! Haha! But I'd like to think that I'm spoiled in a good way. Spoiled with a ton of blessings, and an amazing husband that I am so blessed to have.

And if I haven't bragged enough already... Here is the first song Hema ever sang to me, which will forever remain one of my favorite songs.


  1. I couldn't agree more!! I don't think I could say enough that you are THE most perfect couple ever! I probably bug you with how many times I've told you since you two started dating that Hema is PERFECT for you and I love watching you two together! I guess I'm not the only one who sees it as glaringly obvious, and I'm glad, because it is glaringly OBVIOUS! You two keep your amazing marriage up and keep each other happy so the rest of us have something to look up to ;) I love you Norma! And I love Hema too!

  2. This is such an awesome post! You guys really are so great together. This maybe is a funny way of putting it, but you match each other perfectly! Marriage really is the best!

  3. Like, like, like!! Isn't it amazing that God helps us find someone who would compliment us and really be our better half? That's how I feel about Joe. I think you two compliment each other very well! I'm so glad God led you two together and so glad that Hema treats you so well! :)

  4. We love you guys! Hema is pretty dang blessed, too :)

  5. Love this post! Seems like an awesome guy! You sure sound blessed, but so is he! Keep this love for each other! It will be super important when you have kids :D