There are so many things that I want to share. There is so much! Pictures tell the story best to me, so here comes a whole lot of em. We had a blast, it was an amazing experience! We were so blessed to be safe and healthy. None of us got sick!! Woo hoo! I'd say we over-prepared ourselves, and planned it out pretty well. The trip went very smoothly! 


Parade we stumbled upon. Balancing jugs on their heads while dancing!
Beautiful view of Old Town Quito
A few of the MANY churches
My favorite church we visited. Looks kinda like SLC Temple!!
Mitad Del Mundo- The monument at the center of the earth!

Puerto Lopez
Our hotel and our friends Tyler and Cortney enjoying the sunset
Beautiful whale we saw whale watching

Snorkeling, enjoying the beach, boats and soccer

Hema watching the whales

Sign that points to anywhere you might want to go, whale fin

Blue-footed Boobies, the beach. Look closely at the bird's feet!!

Snorkeling place. Lots of vultures, albatrosses, pelicans, and boobies.

Boating, snorkeling.
Manta, Porto Viejo, Otovalo
Manta sunset. Home of the Tuna factories

Bahia light house, view from our hotel balcony

Oops, this is in Quito. Inside the building that looks like the temple. Climbing to the top!

Attempt to get a good picture of the beautiful landscape in Otovalo while on the crazy bus.

Really cool trees everywhere

Walking along the boardwalk in Guayaquil

Temple. It was never open while we were there, we just took pics through the gates.

In the iguana, pigeon, turtle park

Feeding the iguanas! I was so brave.

Hema is way more brave, he wasn't squealing the whole time like I was.

Birds landed on my head a few times, and loved to eat out of our hands.

Some Culture
In Otovalo, most the people there are Indian. They are beautiful and all where fedoras. Everyone tries to sell you stuff ALL the time. Cute ice cream stand, pretty much the only good ice cream in Ecuador

Giant statue on the freeway, don't know what it's for. Some yummy fruit.

Cute sleeping man, chubby boy with his puppy, by a very random nice car, and blind man with mad skills on the accordion.
Traditional Dancing we stumbled upon
Funny taxis. Some cities only have these kinds. Motorcycle and bicycle
I'll probably post some more pics later, but these are just a few of the fun ones. We did SO MUCH! Tons of bus rides and taxi rides, lots of different hotels, it was so much fun. We were happy to come home though and rest.


  1. Oh wow! That looks amazing!!! I am so glad you guys had such a great experience! I love the picture of the whale. Also, the sign that points everywhere is pretty dang awesome. :) I'm jealous. A lot. :)

  2. These pictures are amazing! The lizards eating with the birds is so strange. I want to go there now!

  3. ahhh that looks amazing! I'm so glad you guys had so much fun. now we must play and you can tell us of your adventures!

  4. that's so cool norma! it looks like some places were really nice for tourists? I could never let Iguanas come on me like that!!

  5. Thanks for the fun update. Should We be concerned that your awesome hubby is dressed immodest in every picture???? Suck a streaker...

  6. @Kids and Canning Jars:

    What does "suck a streaker mean"? ...Should I be concerned Mrs. Queen? ;D

    Love, "Awesome" Hema

  7. Hahaha SUCH a streaker is what I was trying to type. But "suck" as in "dang" a streaker works too....hehe