And we'll be GONE in about 2 days!!! We we we so excited. We have been planning and preparing for this trip for months now, and everything is just about set. Hotels, flights, the works. All we really have to do now is pack all our clothes! Easy. Friday, we both get off work by 3. We'll have already dropped off our doggy at our friend Kearra's, and head straight to the airport to catch our Atlanta flight at 5 PM. Wish us luck that we make it on all our flights!!
Look at this handsome devil. Here we come "Ekidoor!!!"

 Simply can't wait. We'll have the time of our lives!
Here's another gem from Hema's mission collection. Hopefully I'll get to see flowers like these while we're there!!
Star Flowers!
I tell Hema all the time that I am grateful every day that he went on a mission. He's been able to teach me, and help me learn so much because of the knowledge, strength, and humility that he gained there. I couldn't be more blessed to have a man that is so impossibly incredible! I feel so lucky that we are able to go back and visit the place where he served the Lord for two years. And not to mention, I get to hear him speak Espanol the whole time- ow ow!!


  1. It was fun to see you guys last night! Have a wonderful trip today!!!

  2. Howdy.
    I hope you all are safe in South America. I hope you have a great time. I am just stopping by and reminding you to send Holliauna a note this week. She is off to her camp. My information is up on face book and my blog.
    Thank you for support. We need it.

  3. Hey Norma! Just needed to sing happy birthday to you on your special day... except you are gone! So, feliz cumpleanos! I hope you are safe and well and we'll see you shortly, I hope! Have a great time and safe trip home.
    Take care, Love,