Greek Festival

We had never been to the Greek Festival before. So when my work gave us free tickets, we decided it was time to go! They had some cool dancing and music, delicious food, and they were doing tours of their church.
Our good friends Megan and Preston came along with us. We were so glad they could come!
Pictures with the creepy blue thing
This is the PG pose the boys gave us.
Tonight we hung out with some more wonderful friends, Logan and Nikki. We love them. Happy 3 year Anniversary next month!! We made some delicious Ecua-food and laughed and giggled. They are great people, and good examples to us. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.
Yeah, they're adorable.
In other news....
Hema got a brand new calling, he will be the new Scout Master in our new ward. We are very excited and a little nervous! I know he'll do amazing!!
Did you guys know that I freaking love this man? Like, a lot??
P.S. We found this adorable puppy in our backyard. He hung out with us for a while.


  1. That festival looked like so much fun! I also think that dog is adorable. I hope you are doing well! We haven't talked forever.

  2. How many festivals have you guys gone to? :) That looks really fun! How's Hema like being the scout master?