Sundance and the Fair

Hema and I had never been up to Sundance before. I found out recently that Sundance does moonlight ski lift rides whenever there is a full moon. They only do it a handful of times a year, so we were lucky enough to find out just in time for one of their last times for the year. I surprised Hema and took him there for a date this week. It was so much fun! We didn't really dress warm enough, most of the people there brought blankets and winter jackets. We weren't as prepared. They were selling hot chocolate there, so that definitely helped warm us up! 
Finally made it up the canyon, and excited for the ride!
Hot chocolate in hand.. the ride is 50 minutes long, and so beautiful!!
Smart couple in front of us, being prepared with their blankets and such

Hema kept me warm. The flash of the camera hurt our eyes so much! So we just closed our eyes. And it still hurt.
It is such a beautiful place. I want to go back sometime during the day so I can really see how pretty it is! We had a magnificent view of the full moon, a view of the beautiful trees and mountains, and even of the city lights just past the mountains! It was a wonderful, beautiful, fun, and romantic date night. We'd recommend it to anyone! 

I had never been to the State Fair before. We figured I needed to go at least once!! We had a blast, and saw a lot of really cool things. But we probably won't go again for a long time, just to the little city fairs are more our style. Smaller and cheaper. But I was glad to have the opportunity to go! 
All Hema wanted was a foot long corn dog, and he was happy as a clam :)
Me and Megan sliding down the giant slide. It was my favorite part. So much fun!!
And my cute hubby sliding down in style
Heh heh heh
:) He's such a stud

We got to see a bunch of Kangaroos, enormous fat cows and bulls, and lots of other neat stuff. Yay for the State Fair!!


  1. Jeff proposed to me on that ski lift during the full moon :) And hey! I also went to the state fair! did you see the butter sculpture?? Hope you had fun!

  2. I didn't see it! I forgot that's how Jeff proposed... Totally forgot! Did you go to the fair Saturday too??

  3. This looks like so much fun! I have only been to the state fair once-- but will definitely try to make it next year (because I think it's over?) and great idea on the ski lift, and now I know to take warm clothes :)

    You and Hema are so cute together!

  4. Ok, you guys are too cute! And fun! xoxo

  5. No! I went Friday, but that means we almost saw each other!!! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, you guys are so fun! You just added two items to my "we gotta do that" list. Glad that you guys had such a great time!