Sing Hale to Thee our Alma Mater...

Granger High School, I love you, and always will.

This past weekend was Granger's homecoming game. The special thing about this game was the fact that they were playing Hema's old high school, Viewmont (boo). Also that Granger has a brand new stadium that we hadn't been to yet. So Hema and I decided to go support our teams and see the new stadium.
Beautiful view of the mountains from the new bleachers.
Since the new school is under construction where the old soccer field was, the soccer team gets to use this beauty as well.
I've never seen so many people attend a Granger game, ever. There were so many people there, we struggled to find a seat. We sat at the feet of some very old Granger Alumni. Hema would cheer on his team from the Granger side and the old lady behind us would hit him in the face with her pom pom and say "oh hush, stop that" Haha, it was great.

Viewmont won (boo) but it was a fun game and fun to see lots of old friends. I got to meet some of Hema's old football coaches which was neat. Hema was very excited that one of the players was wearing his old number, 31. He kept being like "THERE'S 31!! HURRY TAKE A PICTURE!!" So here it is.
I like this pic because it has mostly Granger people in it :)
But I much prefer this picture of #31
Makes me smile! :) Love this boy.
This weekend we also got to go to my beautiful niece's baby blessing. It was so much fun to see the family.
My mom took me and my sister to the Relief Society Conference and that was also quite an adventure. We had a lovely weekend and we can't wait to watch conference this upcoming weekend!!



  1. You were up late last night!

    Okay this is going to be a weird comment, but Hema looks so much like Ben to me in that picture when Ben was in high school... weird. That would be fun to go back to a high school game. Did anyone recognize you as a past SBO???

  2. Wowzers, that stadium looks pretty nice. I haven't been to a Granger game since, I don't know, about 10 years. Next summer is my 10 year reunion, can you believe it?!

  3. That is so funny that your high schools played each other, especially the homecoming game. I hope there was a lot of trash talk between you two. :) Those are really pretty pictures of the stadium and the sunset. Also, Hema's high school picture is hilarious!