Gusty Ducks

As of lately, we have been pretty busy. Mostly Hema, but I like to tag along to everything he does. Hema has been writing a lot more music lately, and he has lots of shows coming up. He has been busy with his new calling, and busy with work. We are currently at a band practice. OH! If you would like to attend any shows, or hear some of his awesome tunes, find Hema on Facebook and like his page. Go to the bandpage and there you will find listings of all his upcoming shows. 
here is the link. You're welcome.

Some fun stuff we were able to do recently:
  Go to Hema's mission reunion and see some of our awesome friends
Hang out with some of my very best friends from high school, Amanda and Brin
Have FHE with the Gough's
Watch General Conference
See my long lost brother, Harold
Feed ducks at my favorite duck feeding spot
And be in a karaoke contest where we found something awesome in the bathroom.

And a very special congratulations to my best friend Amanda for getting engaged!!!!!!!!!! We are absolutely thrilled for her and Kyle. We love them!!!

Now please watch this video of the awesome thing we found at karaoke :)


  1. I love the random goat. He must be friends with the ducks.

  2. I absolutely love you. A lot. I love your life too!