Buses and Taxis

Forget You by Cee Lo Green on Grooveshark

Just thinking back on some of our fun vacations. We really want to remember all the fun moments and fun things we've seen. Cherishing memories is very important to us! So here is just some looking back and remembering good times in Ecuador.
All the people in Ecuador are crazy aggressive drivers! We're lucky to have come home safe. They all honk and curse at each other non-stop. This is our taxi driver yelling at someone.
All the taxis are itty bitty. Our friends brought giant suitcases that didn't fit in any trunk. We either drove with the trunk wide open or sitting on top of our luggage. Lots of squishing us all into those teeny cars!
At one of the many Terminals we visited. This one is in Otovalo. Those places can get CRAZY! And if you're not careful, they'll cheat you out of your money. That happened to our friends many times hahaha. They usually ended up paying double for their tickets than we did. We were careful to keep our belongings VERY close to us at all times.
The taxis in one of our favorite towns, Puerto Lopez. They were so fun! Bumpy and loud.
Bus rides were long and really scary. I learned to fall asleep whenever possible so I wouldn't stress. Driving through the mountain cliffs in the big buses was the worst! But oh, so beautiful.
See all the windy roads?
See the waterfall? Those were everywhere! And notice that they don't put fences along the cliffs. Yeah, it's scary. And they drive as fast as they can without tipping over. Eek!!
Inside my very first taxi ever. It was SO HOT and so STINKY in Guayaquil. But we got used to it.
This is one of the party buses that drives the streets ALL NIGHT on the weekends in Quito. They blast the music all night. Hems and I were able to sleep through it, even though it was literally right outside our window most of the night.
Their version of an ice cream truck. This one is in Bahia.
Another convenient taxi. Lots of these in the smaller cities.
Hema and Tyler usually started teaching the first discussion to our taxi drivers. They even gave the missionaries some pretty good referrals! That was really cool to witness. I love it when Hems speaks Espanol! 
Another favorite memory was when we were driving in this super pimped out taxi with black lights and a sound system. The song "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green came on (see above) we all instantly started singing along because it was the first song we had recognized since we had been there. The part in the middle of the song when he goes- "Whyyy, whyyyy, whhyyy baby!!" -and it sorta sounds like he's crying... Our taxi driver looks at us all confused and asks "Que esta diciendo?!?! or What is he saying?!?!" It was hilarious.

Ecuador was so fun! We miss it. More to come!


  1. That looks awesome! I will have to visit Ecuador. Someday.

  2. Ditto on what John said! It looks amazing!