La Comida

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This place was probably our favorite restaurant. So delicious! About 5 bucks a person, including drinks and appetizers. We only ever ordered bottled beverages since the water there can't be trusted!  -Below is Tyler with a fresh coconut and Hema with his favorite Ecua-snacks, Coco Crackers and Chifles.
Ice cream they were selling on the side of the road. This ice cream actually looks a lot more appetizing than most we saw- usually it was a huge pile of colorful frosting with cones sticking out the top.
Making Ecua-taffy on the side of the road. Usually they have a couple of dead pigs and cows hanging next to the taffy. Delicious!  -Below- Halls is an Ecuadorian favorite when it comes to candy. Eww, we don't know why. See how many flavors there are??
Bob Esponja!! Trikis! My favorite was walking around the stores and laughing at things like this.
This was Hema's very favorite bakery from his whole mission. Just around the corner from his old apartment in Manta.   -Below are some delicious fruits at the market including our favorite, maracuya!! Yogoso is kinda like frozen Gogurt, but way more delicious! Bought them on buses and in the streets for about 5-10 cents.
This was my favorite Ecua-treat! Lots of yummy treats for just a few cents! We brought lots of junk home :)
Yummy pasteles from one of the Panaderias we visited.

Maybe one day we'll live in Ecuador. It's wonderful. But for now we'll just cherish our memories and make as much Ecua-food as possible!
Some of our favorite dishes herehere and here . This website is the bomb for Latin foods!!


  1. Is it weird this post made me hungry? :) I want to try those recipes you linked to!

  2. Makes me want to go to Equador! Or anywhere, really, just to try different food... and get chocolate for cheap! ;)