Only Boring People Get Bored.

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Hema and I are going to try to go hiking once a week until winter rolls back around. So far it's loads of fun, and Maui loves it too! We are trying to get ready to run the Dirty Dash this fall, pretty excited about that!
This past weekend we went to Ensign Peak. We picked a short one because it was about to rain and we like to take the dog with.
Such a beautiful view of the valley! This is about a half hour before it started raining. It was sooo windy! I thought Maui was going to get blown off!
Our strange wind-blown faces. Oh Maui, hates getting his picture taken. Geez.

Lately we've been busy with family stuff, work, and school. Hema had spring break this week and filled up most of his extra time picking up extra shifts. Hema has been teaching me some guitar, I'm not so good. My fingers are so wimpy.
Only about 5 more days til Hema turns a quarter of a century!!
This is what we deal with. Maui thinks he owns us, and he does. As soon as we lay down, he makes himself comfortable on our backs, chests, shoulders, or faces. Pretty much anywhere he can put as much of his long hair in our mouths. The only time it gets really annoying is if we're trying to do crunches, work on the laptop, or sleep. But we love him.

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  1. You posted this late! I mean early! Maui is so cute. I miss that dog. I can't wait until this semester is over, and then hopefully we can play some more as a couple! Oh and Jeff and I LOVE ensign peak. It is so peaceful and pretty. That is where Jeff opened his mission call too!