"Look Guys, I'm a Lion!!"

Maui's first haircut. He started to shed his winter coat and we decided not to put up with all that extra hair this year. He also won't get as hot!
He didn't enjoy the haircut one bit, but afterwards, he seemed to love it! It was like he was running around saying "Look guys, I'm a lion!!!" At least Hema said that's what he'd do if he got such an awesome haircut.
Before his haircut he weighed 10 lbs, now he only weighs 7!! Crazy. We thought about gluing all the leftover hair together and making him a sibling. Not really.

This past weekend we saw the Hunger Games. We loved it!! 
This is a piece of our conversation after the movie:

Hema: "That movie was so awesome! I really want to read the books now!!"
Norma: "Yeah!! We should read them together!!"
Hema: "........nooo..."
Norma: "Why not??"
Hema: "That will take too long."


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!! More on that later :)


  1. That was a funny post. Glue it! Yeah! Happy birthday to HEMA!! I hope you guys have fun in Memphis!

  2. Ellie saw this post and could not get enough of it. She kept saying "That's a lion, but it really Maui." You guys are awesome!

    You really should read the Hunger Games books. I haven't seen the movie yet, but they are fun books. We love reading books together, even if it takes too long. ;)