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Since it was Hema's big 25th Birthday we decided to head to Memphis. We had a free hotel stay and free flights so why not?! It was a very fun and quick trip. We got there around 6 PM Friday, and got home around 8 PM Saturday.
We walked everywhere we went. First place we went was BB King's Blues Club. The music was amazing and the food was delicious!
Spent a few hours walking along Beale Street. Every night the cops block off the road so people can cover the roads. Beale Street is open til 3 AM. There is dancing, music, vendors, beggars, and it smells like a smokey outhouse. It was fun to observe and experience Beale Street!
Nobody could understand me there, but they could understand Hema just fine. Maybe it was my white-Utah accent? Oh and most people thought Hema was a really buff Hispanic, haha.
Lots of homeless people come up and try to be best friends with you. They'll chat it up and be really nice and then ask for money. And then they would add that they PROMISED they wouldn't use it for drugs or alcohol.
The next morning we went for a stroll along the Riverwalk. It was so pretty and peaceful by that dirty Mississippi river. Everyone we saw was so nice!
This is the Memphis Bridge. (The white curvy one) We call it the mustache bridge.

We went on tours for the Gibson Guitar Factory and the Rock and Soul Museum. Both very cool! We wanted to go to Graceland but it was really expensive and we didn't have a way to get there. The tours were so fun!
BB King's guitars. At the Rock n Soul Museum, they give you those little handsets and headphones. You type in the number on the display and press play. You can take the tour at your own pace!
Went to Blue's City Cafe for lunch. Hema got a 16 inch rack of ribs! "Put Some South in Your Mouth" was their motto
At the Gibson factory. They didn't allow pictures inside the actual factory, but it was really really cool to see how they make guitars! At this factory they make hollow bodies, and semi-hollow bodies.
Walking home from Beale. Our hotel was right off Main Street, where the trolley runs. Such a fun trip!
We also got to see Sun Recording Studios (Where Elvis recorded his first album), ate some yummy junk food, and got lost and went to the wrong hotel across town. Glad to be home!
Happy 25th, Hema!


  1. Thanks for the fun update. You guys get around!!!Melissa

  2. Our really good friends are moving to Memphis. IT looks like so much fun there!

  3. Fun!! Wow I can't believe that Hema is 25, that means we are almost 25!?!? crazy sauce. We should play sometime soon, and also I need a haircut haha... can I get one from you soon? I will text you.

  4. Wow! what a fun little trip! That is awesome you guys could just go. Happy birthday Hema!!