Moab- Jeeping

I'm not very good at writing, I wish this blog could just be pictures sometimes! But I feel like I need to say something, something important, special or funny that goes with each post that I'll want to remember years from now. But I feel like whatever I say isn't good enough! Doesn't do our experiences or feelings justice! I also can never say enough how grateful we are for our friends and families. We are so blessed to know so many wonderful people!
I'm still way behind, and then I get so behind I leave out so much. So here's some more of our Moab trip. Matt really gave us an amazing experience and we are so grateful!
We went jeeping through Hell's Revenge! Matt knows how to Jeep in style and he is a really great driver! I could NEVER drive that well. We rode through the rocks right before the sun was about to set. It was beautiful and we had so much fun listening to music, enjoying the scenery and of course feeling like we're going to fall out of the top of the jeep at times! We got out a couple times to take in the view. Breathtaking!
Utah is cool.

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