This fall was so fun. We are so grateful because we feel like we really got a good, long fall this year! Usually in Utah it starts snowing right around Halloween. This year the snow really didn't stick around til December. We got to go to Gardner Village with the Goughs, carve pumpkins with family and friends (twice!), go on family walks with our dog Maui, go to lots of football games, watch Houston play on TV, celebrate birthdays, and take a day trip to Smithville. Smithton? Smithson? Smith something. Right above Logan. 
For Halloween we dressed up as Clark Kent and Lois Lane. We went to a couples Halloween party and it was so fun! Day of Halloween we got to spend with the Rimmasch family. There were cute babies all over!! Sad we didn't get any pictures. We dressed Maui as Gomez from Addam's Family, isn't it obvious?? 
Sad to see fall end, but we are happy we got to enjoy the season and spend lots of time with family and great friends!


  1. Geeze freakin model!! That's my cute cousin everyone! The picture of Maui as Gomez makes more sense then when I saw him Halloween night; his makeup is still on! He is a good Gomez. We need to play. Love you!

  2. I agree with Heather. Sheesh! Reading your blog makes my self-esteem take a hit! ;) You guys are so fun! We are looking foward to seeing you at Christmas!