Life Lately

One of my clients gave me free tickets to the State Fair! My very very favorite is the giant slide. Of course we ate funnel cake and some sarsaparilla! 
Hema's parents went out of town for one of Helam's Weber State games, so we got to spend the weekend with the kidlets! I think this was the last weekend that the pool was open. It was a little chilly and we were the only ones there! It was so fun though to be there will little Harry and just act like kids! This weekend I basically lived out of Hevynn's closet- it was awesome.
One of Hema's most favorite people in the whole world- Rod Nordfors. We just call him bishop!  This man made a huge impact in Hema's life. Him and his sweet wife Dierdre are very important to us! We got to sit by them at one of Houston's games. 
Hema and Joyli were in time out at a family party :(
We had a farewell, birthday, graduation party for my brother John and his cute family! We miss having them around. It just feels wrong without them here in Utah! I keep expecting to see them and they just aren't there anymore, it's so sad. But thanks to social media, we get to easily see what they're up to and keep updated. And we'll definitely visit them in AZ and get to see them around the holidays! Hema and I look up to these guys a lot and we're lucky to call them family!
Bishop and Deirdre gave us tickets to the Open Cup final that was hosted here in SLC! They were amazing seats to an amazing game, aren't they the sweetest!?? The game was so fun but it was sad to see our team lose. The Real games have such a fun atmosphere and we love going to the games every opportunity we get!
Maui and I are always fighting for Hema's attention and who gets to sit by him. Anytime I cuddle with Hema, Maui has to come and ruin it and try to lay between us. This is when Hema hurt his ankle this summer and he had to wear a boot for a while. He rolled it several times playing soccer this year. OUCH!
Had to add this pic because it is such a fun memory with Ben and Bex. We stashed dollar store candy in our bags and went to a late movie and had the theater to ourselves! It was a great FHE!
Okay what 4 year old has this long of hair??  This little sassafras is in our primary class.
These pics are from the first Weber State game this year. They won their first and last games. Helam got a neck injury and didn't play the last few games. So we went to just a few games this year. It was fun to run into Rich and Shawnee at one of the games! Also fun to meet the Bolen's and spend time with them during this football season!
Becca has become one of my best friends in these past few months we have known each other! We love spending time with them and plan to be lifelong, forever pals! On labor day we went on a day trip to Park City and went to the outlets and went out to dinner.
Maui got a really short haircut (it had grown out an inch or two in this pic). He kept rolling around in pig poop! It's not fun to try to get poop out of long fluffy dog hair. 


  1. Wow, lots going on in life! That's awesome. You better be serious about visiting AZ.

    Also, our little M will have maybe 3 inch hair when she is 4.

    Finally, your dog has proven that dogs are inferior life forms. Thats gross.