November & Thanksgiving

On November 15th, Hema and I had a crazy fun date night with the Lopez's to celebrate 5 YEARS  since mine and Hema's first date. We re-enacted parts of the date including eating at Costa Vida in Bountiful, and make rice crispy sculptures. We had to stop by the grocery store and pick up the ingredients first, and that ended up being the best part!
We went to the Hunger Games Catching Fire premier with the Heimuli sibs! Little Harry didn't get to come, but we made sure to bring him some popcorn! This is him being a poor district 12 boy! We were all required to dress up (Helam's rule) and we were all for it. Then we got to the theatre and ended up being the only ones in costume! Oh well. Lots of people asked to take pictures with us which was fun and embarrassing.
Norma- Effie Trinket, Hema- Cinna or Capital Stylist, Alyssa- Capital Citizen, Helam- Caesar Flickerman, Houston- Peeta, SJ- Katniss.
Such a fun group. They are our friends, and we're lucky to also call them family!
Thanksgiving we had 4 different meals. Thank goodness not all on the same day!! But we did have 2 on Thanksgiving. This is at the Heimuli house, lots and lots of food, including wontons, sushi, and tempura!
Made my first turkey ever this Thanksgiving with some coaching from my mom! Such a fun day.


  1. Normz, thanks for posting such fun pics on your blog! I don't know what the Heimuli fam would do without you and your photo and cooking skills. Love you!

  2. Fun! I love that the guy dressed as Caesar Flickerman has even his eyebrows blue! What guts. I mean, I could do it but I know Logan couldn't!
    I love seeing pictures of your house! Your cute mama! Man, I cannot believe how much my mom and you mom look so much alike!!!

  3. Great. Now I feel like eating turkey.