Christmas Eve was spent with the Heimuli fam. We got to go watch Frozen with the siblings and some of the cousins. We all got our traditional Christmas Eve jammies on and talked and talked for hours. Next morning we ate Christmas breakfast together and opened presents and got to be with family. We headed to my parent's house for a while and watched movies and ate candy and had a grand ol time. Later that day we got to talk with Sister Heimuli in Japan! Such a treat! It was a good day.
This is our little home looking all Christmas-y. Matt and Emily Een gave us their old Christmas tree and we LOVE IT! It's perfect for us.
My sisters and momma! Kylee, Sarah, Kaylyn, Mom, Norma, Millie, Regina.
Matthew, Daniel, John, Dad, Spencer, Joseph, Hema, Ryan, Jeffrey.
We got together that weekend with my family for a little party and family pictures. So excited to finally have a nice family picture! Sad that not everyone could be there, but still happy to have something nice until then.
Love our families toooons! So happy and blessed that we get to be with them during holidays. 

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  1. What a fun holiday! I am glad that you guys like the picture. It seemed kind of hard at the time, but now it is definitely worth it. :)