Winter 2013

Nativity scene for primary the week of Christmas. So cute!
Cousins Carrie and Demitri, Aunt LaDawn and Uncle Dennis. Uncle Russel in the background! Russel and Dennis are 2 of my mom's 3 brothers. Aunt LaDawn and Uncle Dennis are the ones we stayed with when we went to Oregon last spring.
My cousin James got married the week of Christmas to adorable Bambi. The last time I saw my cousin James, I was probably only one or two. So really It was like meeting him for the first time! I was so lucky to be apart of their big day and do Bambi's hair and makeup, as well as her cute mom who came all the way from the Philippines. This is me with the beautiful bride and my cousin Heather, who I haven't seen for long long time. 
This is my favorite primary child from my 2013 class, Rush. Yep, I choose favorites.
We're always fighting for Hema's attention.
Went sledding at Cheese Park with Harrison and Houston. Some of those hills were scary! I was sure Hema was going to break something. Maui had a blast running up and down the hills and chasing the sleds. He was in heaven. It was such a fun day! Hema and I went sledding at Cheese Park with the Eens on our first Valentines!
Tini Boy, Lori, Uncle Tini, Marsha, baby Pania
Hema's uncle Tini got married to the lovely Lori the week of Christmas. It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful winter day. We are so happy for them!
My parents outside the temple they were sealed in. Cuties.
Our primary class last year ranged anywhere from 5-12 children a week. Hard to plan for, but they were such a fun class and we'll miss being their teachers.
Hema gets tickled by the little girls :)
Grandpa loves his train set, and baby Joseph loves Grandpa. But really doesn't love me...

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  1. I am sure that Joseph has a little love in his heart for you. ;) Oh, and I think that everyone picks a favorite Primary class member, not that you are supposed to. :)