4 Years (!!!)

4th Anniversary Tubing! from Norma Heimuli on Vimeo.

What!!?? Has it really been 4 YEARS?? Sometimes we feel like we've been together forever, but most times it feels like just yesterday we were rannin' around together, completely smitten, in love with love, and care free. We look back on those times as very precious moments we hold close to our hearts, but we are so happy to be at a different stage in our lives!
This anniversary has felt very different from all the others. This anniversary has involved a lot of reflection on our accomplishments, struggles, and adventures. It has been difficult for me to remember that it is not fair to compare. Everybody has unique opportunities, strengths, connections, and ambitions. I'm grateful for everything we have been through together, good and bad. And I wouldn't want to go through it with anybody but Hema. 
Thinking back, we had so much to learn, and we still have so much to learn and accomplish. When we got married, we had no clue what we were doing, we didn't really know how to be adults. I am proud that we never gave up, and that we strived to keep God in every decision. We never blamed life's trials on each other. I am not his mom, I am his partner, friend, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on. And he is mine.
I am so proud of all the little things we have accomplished together. We have been very blessed to experience a lot of adventures together. I am so blessed to have a husband that is so loving, serving, hard-working, humble, and a million other incredible things. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having him in my life, and getting to share every part of it with him. I tell him he is too good to me! Too good for me! And somehow he feels the same about me. These last 4 years have taught me so much, Hema really makes me a better person. But the biggest and most important, the thing that we are constantly being shown and reminded, is that the gospel is true. If you apply the teachings of the gospel of Christ in your daily lives, your life will be so much better, and you will be so blessed.

We have had a great 4 years. We are so blessed, and life is good.

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  1. That video was so dang cute. four years. that is so crazy! - Heather