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Oh hey! I'm super behind on the blog, what's new? Here are a few updates of the winter months of 2014.

A few extra pics of our anniversary outing. It was so much fun tubing with my sweetheart at Soldier Hollow!
Going out for Indian food for our anniversary dinner has become a tradition!! We went to the Kathmandu in Holladay and it was incredible!!
Had a cowboy/western themed baby shower for one of my best friends Amanda! She has already had her beautiful baby boy Jace. She is a great momma!
In January/February we were having what felt like non-stop car problems. Hema's sweet mom came to help out and took Hema to cheer-me-up lunch and ran into my cute dad!!
My sweet brother Spencer and my sweet sister Millie! Spencer is such a tease :)
My sweet Grandma passed away early this year. Heather and I were lucky to have a very special last moment with Grandma and we were able to say good bye. Grandma's funeral was very wonderful and spiritual. Love you forever, Grandma!
In February I started a new job. There are 100 reasons why I decided to move on from my job at the bank. THIS is one of the main reasons, if affected me more than I realized. I am so blessed that I found my new job and it is just what our family needed. My second to last day was Valentines Day and my coworkers threw me a potluck! I was lucky to work with some amazing people and learn a lot in the years I spent at the bank.
Uhh, we went to the Ice Castles, can you tell?! 
I got to have an amazing sleepover with Heather! Whenever our husbands go out of town, we snatch up the opportunity to have a sleepover, just like in the good ol days. Time with Heather is always exactly what I need. There is nothing more special than having close relationships with people who you also call family!
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to read the entire Harry Potter series for my first time ever!! As you can see, after we read them, we were a little obsessed... We really really really wanna go to Harry Potter World now! 

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  1. Loved the update! 9 and 3/4 obsessed... hahah. That sleep over was exactly what I needed too. You are the best cousin ever. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!