Helam + Alyssa = Married!

With the Goughs and the Nordfors'. Some of the very very best people you'll ever meet! Love them ohhh soooo much!

Yay! Hema's younger brother Helam got married this June. An open house in Idaho, family dinner and dance, sealing, and a reception, it was quite the occasion! We are so happy for Helam and Alyssa, it was a beautiful day. It is so fun to have family and friends get together for such a special occasion! Hema was the most handsome groomsmen, and I was able to do the bride's hair and makeup the day of the wedding. It is so fun to see the family grow and grow!

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  1. okay you are so pretty. geese loueese Norma! that picture of hema and my dad made me laugh so hard! haha. I love that they had a nice swim together. :) And we would NEVER get annoyed of you, pretty sure it would be the other way around. I would smoother you with wanting to be just like you... I already do!