Seoul Tower and War Memorial of Korea

The Seoul Tower was very fun to see! We took a cable car up the mountain to get to it, and then hiked up lots of stairs to the tower and an incredible view of the city. At the tower there are hundreds and hundreds of locks- it's like Korea's copycat version of the locks of love bridge in Paris. The tower has a very fun atmosphere- lots of happy couples, ice cream shops, music performances, all sorts of cutesy fun things. Some men from India actually asked to take a picture of us with our lock, I'm sure they'll cherish that pic ;) Then we got lucky and got to see a interactive cultural presentation, this time with fighting and swords and stuff! Very exciting. Just had to take a picture with some of the awesome performers! I think my guy was suuuuper uncomfortable haha.

This whole section is American soldiers that served in the Korean War!
We went to the War Memorial of Korea which was actually closed the day we went there. Out of the 5 days we were in Seoul, 3 of those days were holidays. It made some things better and some things more complicated. But we were still able to walk around and see all of the planes and names of the soldiers. Very cool place!

This pretty much sums up our quick trip to Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is such a unique and wonderful place to visit. We were surprised at how inexpensive it was and how efficient everything is! We will never forget how kind all the people were to us. Especially the man who saw us wandering around looking at our map and offered us help in perfect English. The girl at Starbucks who typed in her Korean citizen information on my "slow iPhone" so that we could use the wifi to help us find our way back home. All the sweet, wonderful temple workers. The kind woman from Australia who helped us order food at a restaurant that didn't have english translation. The sweet, humble woman who made us hotteuk every night as we walked back to our hotel. 
We already miss Korea and hope to go back one day!
Kamsamnida, Korea!


  1. Norma, you are my favorite! I love the picture of you with the performer, and especially your comment, haha.

    Such a great adventure! I'm glad you guys had fun.

  2. I love the picture of you and that performer. That is so you! You always are so warm and friendly :)