Nami Island

Nami Island is a teeny tiny island just outside of Seoul. It's so small that it is purely just for visitors, there are no residents. It is unique because of the way the trees have been planted in straight rows that cover the entire island. Also because all of the electricity has been put underground, to keep the natural look. A very famous Korean movie "Winter Sonata" was filmed there, which is why a lot of people go to visit. They say it is a place for lovers! 
Nami Island, also Naminara Republic, likes to think they are separate somehow. to get to the island you must go through "customs" and there are two ways to get there. Via ferry or zipline. We really wanted to do the zipline, but the day we visited Nami Island happened to be the only day it rained while we were in Korea. So it was closed. We took the ferry, which Hema's mom told us not to because just a few weeks before, THIS happened. This ferry was much smaller though and it was a very quick trip! We survived..

Of course there are teddy bears strapped to the trees. 
We rode in these super goofy duck paddle boats that I saw in one of the Korean dramas I watched!
There was what looked like a small roller coaster track, but really it was a track that you peddled yourself around on, lol!!
Super weird giant statue in the center of the island
Nami Island is so beautiful and we are so happy we were able to go there and experience it!


  1. Oh my goodness that statue is freaky hahaha I hope that never happens to me.... But if it does hopefully I'm as happy as that lady!

  2. So sorry about your corrupted video and pictures! I am glad you were still able to use a few! It is so fun to read about your trip to Korea! Also, I am glad that you didn't die on the ferry! :)