Hema graduated from Utah Valley University in December 2015. It was a huge occasion because Hema is a first generation grad in his family! We are all so proud of his accomplishment! Getting through school took us a while and was a big challenge for us, so it was just so so so sweet when it finally came. After Hendrix was born, Hema was a full time student and working 30+ hours all while watching Hendrix while I was working full time. So basically Hema never slept. He is such a hard worker and his dedication to his family is something I will always try my hardest to never take for granted.
Hema and I went together to his graduation ceremony (I forget the official names). But we went to the one where everyone walks in together and there is a guest speaker and all the flags and awards and all that. Hema's parents watched Hendrix for us and they also watched the whole ceremony live on Youtube. The next day was the ceremony that was specific to each college or degree or whatever where they call each person's name and hand them the diploma. His graduation was out at the Provo airport in one of the hangars. It was pretty neat! We had a lot of family come and support and we are so grateful!!

Hema made the newspaper! Can you spot him?

This handsome fella :) :)

All the grandparents!!

Hendrix and his adorable smile!

4 generations!!

cute Hema's in there!

So proud of you Hema!! Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice!!


  1. You look sooooo it's bity standing in between Hema and Helam!

    1. And Hema is a hard worker. He's so good, we love him. Also,is that your nephew in that picture?! Crazy he's so big and looks like our cousin Glenn