Name and a Blessing

Our little Hendrix Mosaia Heimuli was blessed on September 20th 2015 by his daddy. Hema gave him a beautiful blessing and we had all our family and close friends there to share their support. Hevynn sang a beautiful solo "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing" accompanied by auntie Tina. We had quite a large blessing circle but we wouldn't have it any other way! Hendrix has so many wonderful men to look up to as he grows. We are so grateful.

A little about the name we chose. We have liked the name Hendrix since we first got married in 2010.  It is inspired by one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix. We really want our children to grow up loving music. Music is so good for helping people learn, express themselves, and share the gospel. We chose Mosaia which is the Tongan spelling of the name Mosiah, which is a king in The Book of Mormon. We love the story of King Mosiah and Hema says Hendrix is named after one of the greatest kings of all time. We love that we were able to incorporate something that is from our shared culture, our religion. Hema says that he wants his boys to have their own unique names, and our girls to have family names, because our boys will always be Heimulis. 

Hema wanted his initials to be mirror-imageable haha.


Oh my sweet, tiny, innocent, perfect little 2 month old!! Oh I miss this phase! I wanted to put him in an outfit that was simple. I just wanted my perfect baby to be the focus.

Umm I have no idea why I'm making a peace sign. Embarrassing. The Heimuli fam! Even though we blessed him in late September it was a hot day! All our guests were troopers to sit outside!

I didn't get any pics with my siblings. All their little kiddies were running around and having fun!

Two of Hema's best buds and their baby boys! Its so fun that our close friends all had boys so close together!!

We just adore you, Hendrix. So does everyone else.

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