Summer 2015

Ok so these pics are reverse chronological as well.. I guess I'm no good at loading these on so they go in the order I want. Any tips? Haha.

Summer 2015 our major highlight was adding a child to our family! It was a huge adjustment and honestly kind of a blur. The first month was hard for me. Jaundice, exhaustion, issues with breastfeeding, reflux, visitors, recovery, and just learning to be new parents, it was a lot at once! Hopefully I'll handle our second baby more gracefully and be a little better at it, ha. Aside from the struggles and adjusting, we were just so full of gratitude and joy! I started crying the first time Hendrix smiled at me (could also have to do with lack of sleep..) but having a newborn baby in the home just makes the home feel like such a spiritual place. I've never felt so close to heaven.

I took a 12 week maternity leave from work. It felt way too short. I was not ready to go back yet! But we wanted to take advantage of our extra time together as a family, so we went on a few trips. (As I'm typing this, I am watching Hendrix carefully climb to grab the kleenex box from the shelf, pull out a kleenex, lick it, put the kleenex back in the box, and carefully put the box back on the shelf. He's so weird.) We went to visit my brother John and his family in Arizona, they had a baby about 8 weeks before us! And we also went to visit my cousin Heather and her family in Ohio. They all showed us a wonderful time and were amazing hosts! Also, traveling with a newborn is NBD compared to traveling with a toddler. I was so nervous for our first trip but it was not nearly as bad as I thought. Hendrix was a champ!

At one of Hema's shows in late summer

Baby Lakei and baby Hendrix. Cousins, and just 2 months apart. They have the exact same head shape, haha.

Great Grandpa Heimuli loves holding the babies. My favorite was when he wrapped Hendrix in his suit jacket and held him as we waited outside the temple as Hevynn's wedding :)

Miss that baby cleavage!!

Hendrix has always LOVED books, and I love that about him! He especially loves when his dad reads to him, he does way cooler voices than mom.

We were so lucky and had a lot of visitors from family out of state right after Hendrix was born. Only one out-of-stater in this pic but I love how all the nieces and nephews always crowd around uncle Matt.

This was the night before I went back to work after maternity leave. I remember holding him sleeping on my chest and realizing he was too big to fit perfectly on my torso anymore. He seemed so big to me but still so small.

Hendrix and his little cousin who is just about 8 weeks younger than him! She was rolling all over the place way before him.

Only pic I got with Heado from our trip to Ohio, D'oh! We had so much fun with the Toone fam!

Cutest little girls!

Just wanted to take an awkward picture with a monkey..

They had him wrapped around their cute little fingers! Hendrix was about 11 weeks old when we went to Ohio, just about a week before maternity leave was over.

First football game!

When Hendrix was 2 months he finally started to chunk up and I was just soon proud!!

Uncle Harry loved holding the sleeping newborns!

We went to Arizona when Hendrix was 8 weeks old. We got to stay in John and Kylee's new house, we felt so spoiled and fancy! Also, this temple is probably the prettiest temple I've been to, and it smelled amazing there.

We went mini golfing and little M had the right idea... haha!!!

Hendrix first time swimming!!

The cutest cousins!

First family flight!

Hendrix hated baths at first so when he started loving them, we so appreciated it! He still love love loves baths.

Hema's mission reunion! President Ridd and his wife Tamina are just some of the best people you will ever meet!

Three generation pic, Hema's dad and grandpa.

With Grandma Nate, Auntie Lori, and cousin Taheera. 
With some of the Brock crew! My siblings all took turns visiting from Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas!!

Meeting great grandma and grandpa Murray!!

One month old!

Hendrix stopped taking a binky right after I went back to work. I know it's good that he self-weened, but sometimes I wish he would've taken a binky longer. Sometimes when I see 2 or 3 year olds with binkies I think- "wow, look how quiet they're being!" Haha.

Little newborn stretches!!

Maui hates Hendrix and that's a whole other story... But this is the first time he would sit by him.

The face he would make when he didn't want to eat anymore, haha. :)

One week old, still had jaundice.

Milk drunk

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  1. I can get over new born Hendrix! It's crazy! He was so little!! So cute. And Gracie and June look so young in these pics too. Crazy. And you bounced back fast just after having Hendrix. You look great! That picture of you kissing him in the white shirt is so beautiful! You look 18 in it and so pretty. And I looooooveeeeeeee that you have updated your blog! I should too gah. But it is my favorite to stalk you. Sorry I'm commenting on like ever post!