Summer 2016

Summer with children is so much fun! This year we tried to spend as much time outside as we could. We went to the swimming pool, splash pad, library, parks, and a handful of hikes. Nice thing about the summer, is that there are so many fun, FREE things to do!! All while getting a dose of Vitamin C. One of the biggest highlights this summer was Hendrix's FIRST BIRTHDAY!! I hope to share more about that later, we are still waiting to get pictures/videos back. Year one with Hendrix was a blast! It was extremely challenging in so many ways, and we are alllllways learning, growing, and trying to improve. But overall, he lights up our world! He has the funnest, sweetest, craziest personality, and we love seeing him grow and interact with people. He is so loved by so many. I will try not to post too many duplicates of what is on the Instagram world. Love that Instagram provides a quick, easy way to share and document tidbits, but blogs are so nice for a bigger picture (and looooots more photos, haha.)

Got to hang out with our Arizona cousins! Hendrix just adores all those pretty girls!!

Also got a visit from our Colorado cousins! Hendrix loves roughhousing with the boys! Went to the Taylorsville Dayzz firework show with both my sisters and their children! Hema was so sweet to swim with all the boys for hours!

Annual lagoon day with the Heimuli sibs! Always so much fun. The kiddies loved lagoona beach and there were lots of adults to take turns watching the babies while the others rode roller coasters. We went right in the middle of the week and there were hardly any lines! Lagoon is soooo much more fun when you're not spending all your time waiting in line. Hema and I actually went for my work lagoon day and it was miserable! It took an hour just to park, we were there for 3 hours and only went on 3 rides. And it was super hot! So after that experience just about a week before, we really appreciated Lagoon the second time around.

King Hendrix on his first birthday!

The night before his first birthday, I was feeling a little sad about him growing up. He crawled up by me and fell right asleep on my chest, he's never done anything like that before! It was so sweet and just made my heart burst!

At his birthday bash with some of his friends and cousins!!

Grandpa Pearson is so nice to carry around this big baby and show him all the things he points at. <3

One of our hikes, Hendrix thinks leaves and nature are hilarious! We actually got a little lost exploring the mountains this day. We never quite made it to our destination haha! Oh I already miss the sunshine and not having to wear a jacket!

We were nursery leaders at our old ward. We didn't really like it because Hendrix was always getting sick from the other kids, but now we realize how good we had it haha.
Picnics at the park! Hendrix loves sticking his fingers up his nose. They fit so perfectly!
Notice we had to store the chairs on top of the table? Kids...
Memorial Day up in Bear River!

Went and saw Finding Dori, surprised that Hendrix loved it and paid really good attention!!

Watching the fireworks!

For my birthday we went on a little hike up Big Cottonwood at Silver Lake! It was so beautiful. Afterwards we went and had a birthday dinner at my mom and dad's house! I was so excited because I couldn't remember the last time I got my own birthday cake and blew out candles! Oh and I just love how my hair is draped over Hendrix, haha.

These beauties!! Got to see them and spend lots of time with them while they were visiting! Always so refreshing and so appreciated when I get to spend time with my Heather!!!

4th of July at my aunt and uncle's house in Riverton!!

Lots more fun things happened but I can't remember or I can't find the pictures and I'm too lazy. So grateful for a wonderful summer and grateful for a way to document little bits of things that I want to remember.

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  1. I love every single one of these pictures. You are the prettiest most stylish person I know. Seriously. Sometimes on instagram I click your pictures, forgetting your not a lifestyle account, trying to figure out where you got your outfit! My hair wa so blonde! I forgot that. I liked that picture of us. And your hair in the next picture is sooooo pretty!