Winter 2015-2016

Also in reverse order.. Sorry!

For Hema's 29th birthday, his parents got us tickets to go see Brian Reagan downtown! His aunt was so nice and got us dinner at the New Yorker beforehand, we felt so fancy! It was our first comedy show and we had so much fun! And of course Grandma Heimuli is the best babysitter ever!

Love his thick, long, black eyelashes. All the heart eyes.

Grumpy babies in matching outfits from Hawaii from Grandma. Sitting with great Grandma and Grandpa Murray.

Hema's birthday cake- BTS cake- his fave.

Last winter was rough for this poor boy. He got croup, and bronchiolitis twice. This was leaving the hospital- Hema can always cheer Hendrix up. They have so much fun together.

Hendrix was so happy when he could finally sit up and play with toys in nursery like the big kids!

Love his stretches!

When you have kids.... haha

Mom and Spencer on his birthday. My mom does so much for Spencer and loves him so fiercely and unconditionally. Watching her with him has always been so inspiring to me.

First easter egg hunt!!

Oh I miss this bald, chubby baby!! Hendrix lovvvvees his baths!

We went on a little getaway to Seattle early this year kind of as a late graduation trip for Hema. We did all the touristy things including, Pike's Place Market, Space Needle, EMP Museum, some science kids museum thingy, a boat tour, and the aquarium. We stayed in a hotel and it was woonnnderfulll. We love staying in hotels haha. We swam every night and took lots of baths (at this time will still had no tub at home) and we went to bed early and slept in. One night We all slept in till like 10- it was amazing!!!

Hendrix used to always bite my toes whenever he noticed they were painted, haha.

Us showing Hendrix all the cool Jimi Hendrix things at EMP, but he was more interested in his fist haha.

Love this picture of my sweet boys!!!!

Just had to add in this picture because it is sooooo awkward. Looks like we are all naked, but I promise we all have swimming suits on haha!

Seattle temple

His first time sitting up in the cart!! He loved it. Now he just tries to climb out. I used to be so diligent in covering the seat and cleaning it super good...now not so much haha.

Hannah's baptism. I got to do her hair. She wanted a simple high bun like cinderella. She's such a sweetheart.

Banging pots and pans for New Years!

Showing baby the lights but not daring take him out of his warm car seat!!

Our version of a baby monitor when we are away from home- FaceTime. We are such creepers.

Visiting uncle Spencer on Christmas!

Going to see the traditional Christmas Eve movie with the Heimuli's. This was his first movie- Star Wars. We played in the aisle a lot and sat in the back.

Because duh he's the coolest baby ever.

Photos Helam took of us last year!!

He's like- scuz me? I remember watching his little cousin rolling all over the place and wondering if/when he was ever gonna roll haha.

Harry and Marv from Home Alone, bahahaha

When we were still in Primary and Hema would teach while holding the nino.

Hevynn and Bo's wedding!! They had a beautiful wedding in the Ogden temple and an amazing reception at he Union Station building. I should have taken way more pictures, but I am sucks. Helam and Alyssa just had their baby a few days before and they still made it out to the wedding! It was nice to have the whole family there (except Housty of course).

First time eating solids! Home-grown carrots from Grandpa Heimuli's garden.

At another football game looking dapper.

Little sweet face! I love his big, dark, curious, observant eyes!

At work for Halloween we were the "Reading Rainbow". Get it? It was my silly idea haha.

For Halloween we dressed as "Los Luchadores". Hema is Sin Pantalones, I am La Cucaracha, and Hendrix is Nacho Libre.

We also dressed Hendrix as a frog- a sweet hand-me-down from our friends the Eens.

Catching flies

My niece Marie made this adorable hat for Hendrix!

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  1. I cried when I saw that picture true of your mom and spencer. And then I laughed really hard at the naked picture hahaha. Also Hendrix was so Rollie pollie! Or however that is spelt. The nacho picture. So cute.